I am a proofreader and copyeditor providing quality assurance of text for businesses and organisations

Even successful writers use professionals

You’re a busy organisation working on multiple projects. You need your text to reflect your organisation’s expertise and professionalism – enhancing its reputation. You don’t want people to be confused by errors or a lack of clarity. 

It’s difficult to review your own writing. Even successful writers use professionals to check their text. I will quality assure your documents, giving your organisation peace of mind and time to focus on what you do best. 

What’s in it for you?

You’ve finished writing a document. It might be a report for your trustees, an investigation, a research project, a presentation, a training resource, a policy, a review of a service or an email – anything that someone else will read.

Your expertise has gone into the content. But, however good you are at writing – however thorough in checking your spelling, grammar and punctuation – there are many other checks that make a world of difference to your readers and give you confidence in your written content.

You need a fresh pair of trained eyes.

I will look at spelling, grammar, punctuation and document format, and I will also ask:

  • Does every part of the text make sense?
  • Is it right for the intended audience?
  • Are all dates correct? 
  • Are names used correctly and consistently throughout, or do they need to be anonymised? 
  • Is the timeline of events correct and consistent throughout?
  • Are all acronyms defined and consistently used? Would a glossary of terms be helpful?
  • Are the names of organisations, medications or job titles capitalised correctly?
  • Does the text need a plain English edit? Does it need to be simplified so more people can easily understand it?
  • Does the text contain industry jargon? Does this need to be changed or defined?
  • Are word usage and document style consistent? This is particularly true for documents written by more than one author.
  • Do all the hyperlinks work?
  • If there are references, are they laid out consistently?
  • If there are footnotes, are they all present, correct and consistent?

I will not:

  • use publishing jargon
  • give long explanations of grammar or punctuation rules – you don’t have the time or inclination for that!

I will:

  • correct errors and ensure consistency
  • point out when things don’t say what you want them to say
  • suggest alternative wording where possible
  • use plain English
  • make sure your document is well-written, easy to understand and achieves its objective

How does it work?

  • You contact me about a text you would like me to work on.
  • We discuss your needs for your document.
  • You tell me your deadline and when you will send me your document.
  • I tell you my rate of pay.
  • You send me your document by the agreed start date. 
  • I use track changes, or the equivalent, to record all changes made to the text (other than the most basic, such as removing double spaces).
  • I use Comments to highlight or query any issues, such as inconsistent factual content or unclear text, and I’ll include suggestions to make it easier to understand. 
  • I return the edited text to you with notes highlighting anything important.
  • You review my comments and accept or reject the in-text changes. It is your document, and you are in control of all the changes.
  • Once you are happy, I send you my invoice.

Ongoing quality assurance needed? Read on …

If you need regular quality assurance of documents and want to guarantee my availability for your work, I am happy to discuss a retainer arrangement. Please contact me to explore this option.


Do you have a house style?

A house style guide for text explains an organisation’s preferences for different elements of text. For example, a style guide includes how to write times, dates, numbers, lists, names and titles, places, quotations and many more decisions.


  • If your organisation or business already has a house style guide, I will ensure it is applied consistently.
  • If you do not have a style guide, I can develop one for your organisation.

Don’t just take my word for it!

Gatsby has used Bev’s services many times and the results have always been excellent. She quickly got up to speed with our house style and her attention to detail and intelligent, pragmatic approach has meant that our reports and briefing papers are now noticeably more readable and concise. Just as importantly, using a professional editor like Bev saves my team that most precious commodity, time. Bev has now become an integral part of our quality assurance regime.


Executive Director, Gatsby Charitable Foundation

Bev provided a thorough and prompt review of my report. She has exceptional attention to detail and identified errors which would otherwise have gone unnoticed. In particular, I welcomed Bev’s thoughtful feedback and helpful pointers to improve the report.


Associate Director, Niche Health & Social Care Consulting Ltd

In a nutshell

I am a qualified editor and proofreader. In practical terms that means I undertake quality assurance checks on any type of text document you produce – ranging from an email to a report that is the result of many months of work. 

This frees up your time to focus on your core business activities. 

And I do this


I love analysing data. It’s been a fundamental part of all my previous professional roles. I enjoy it so much I even completed an MSc in Social Research in 2020 (and earned a distinction for my efforts). This means I’m trained and experienced in both qualitative and quantitative data analysis.

If you have data analysis needs, please contact me to discuss how I can help.

Bev Palmer
Based in UK


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